Wednesday, November 18, 2009

San Clemente, CA Trip

So I was able to drive back to California with Hillary and Chad and stay for a week with them at their home. I forget how much the beach, the sound of waves, and palm tree make me happy. I miss being close to the ocean and find it harder and harder to leave it when I am near it. My mind gets dreaming about moving. But I some how made it on my plane and have made it back to Utah. For now anyway:) We were able to go to the beach one afternoon as the sun was beginning to set. The sky was clear and it was beautiful. I took a few pics of the Pier and the sun set.

View from the parking lot.

This is me surfing....uhhh, jk.

Elle showing muscles. Wil, I somehow failed to get pics of time buddy!

Under the Pier

The beach

All I could think of when I saw this was They Might Be Giants 'Barnacle Man'

More Barnacles

Sunset under the Pier

The tide was really low and created cool designs around all the rocks that had washed up

Miss Elle doing her 'thang'

View from the parking lot again as we were leaving.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Matt Kearney Concert! October 28, 2009-In the Venue!

Okay, so if you know me at all, I am a huge ginormous music lover! This guy can surely rock the stage! Matt Kearney put on a fantastic show! It really shows how talented people are when they sound just as good and/or better live! So if you ever get a chance to see him it! It is worth every penny! And I got a funny story out of it! haha (read below)

Funny story:

So there I was fairly close to the front of the stage...a few people in front...but the best place in my opinion, is not right up next to the get a kinked neck from looking stright up for 2 hours or more.

So...there I was totally enjoying the show....and I notice I keep getting a phone call by a number I do not recognize.....and because of the noise I can't answer. So I text this person to find out who it was. Turns out, of all people, it was my grandma, needing to talk to me about details of my grandpa's 80th birthday party we have been planning.

So as I am texting her back, that I would call her in the morning because I am at a concert, I notice the crowd is getting considerably louder and going crazy, especially around I look up from texting to see what was happening and notice.....Matt is in the crowd and he is standing literally right in front of me. Now I am totally caught off guard by first people were making a path for he could walk through...but then suddenly started shoving so they could touch him...hahah.....all the while I am just standing there like an idiot, because I am just realizing what is happening.

Keep in mind, he is singing still. At this point he is right next to me...and by 'right next to me' I mean....if he had been anyone else and in a different setting, he would have been in some serious personal space....and because of the shoving....I get pushed right into him, just as his elbow comes down and 'clocks' me in the face. hahah.

Now nobody noticed this happens...not even Matt, because it was so chaotic. So as Matt is making his way back to the stage...I am just standing there laughing to myself about what just happened. I am not sure if I was laughing more at the fact I was texting my grandma or just the whole series of events. haha

Anyway, needless to say it was a fantastic concert. Below is a tiny 'snipit' of the concert and a few photos! So check him out if you ever get a chance to. It will totally be worth your time and money!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Full Time Catering!

Alright, it has practically been a year that I posted anything on here...Hopefully there are people out there that still check this out:)

Roll On In Catering is officially back in business, featuring White Clementine Baking Co. I am officially catering and baking full-time now. So bring on the business. If any of you out there are searching for a caterer for weddings, business meetings or parties, family reunions.... or you just want some yummy fun treats, please give me a call. I am happy to do just about anything.

You can visit my new blog(thanks Heather)at:

There are a few posts on there, and I will be posting more information soon. So keep checking back! If you have any questions, just leave me a message and I will get back with you.

Thanks again to all those friends and family members who have really pushed and motivated me into doing this and have given of your time and talents to help me.(You know who you are). The time has come, and here we go!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lake Powell Trip

I know it has been a couple months almost since this little excursion, but I have been slow at getting the pictures posted and wanted to share my trip. The end of September my family decided to take a week long trip to Lake Powell. My brother-in-law, has some major hook-ups and was able to get a house boat for all of us to stay on as well as a boat set for wake boarding and wake surfing, two jet skiis, and two wave runners. I have never been to Lake Powell before, but it was so beautiful and so much fun. It has been a long time since the whole family has been on a vacation together like that. It was fun to be able to just sit out on the deck in the sun and go exploring on the wave runners or walking on the beach. We found the most perfect spot, in my opinion, with a long strip of beach with the most soft sand. Anyway, here are some pictures of all the fun:

This is the boat in the boat yard before we took it out on the Lake.

Lots of beautiful scenery and sunrises. My brother and I slept on the upper deck of the boat and this is what we woke up to every morning. Gorgeous!

Of course our trip would not go with out some yummy food. And then my nephew shoveling all of it in his mouth at once....silly Wil:)

Another silly picture of Wil. He got this mustache out of a machine at the Pizza Hut we stopped to eat at on the way.

Wil thought it was hilarious to get all tied up with tape. And Elle was having fun with her bear, Creasy, playing in the sand.

Just some fun pics. Yes, my brother-in-law also provided us with Rock Band. We so totally lived it up that week......

More fun pics. And for the Grand Finale........


So Chad had this 'great idea'. Let's put the tube that you pull behind a boat and tie it up to the back of the wave runner and pull it off the top deck of the house boat:) Dayne was on the wave runner.....they did a practice run, without Chad on the landed perfectly on the water without tipping. So next run Chad was on the tube.....that is what the video is of. It thankfully worked out without any injury:) But the second run with Chad on the tube.....didn't work out so well.....something weird happened....and Chad's food caught on the rail of the upper deck of the house boat and twisted him as he went off the boat.....and needless to say I think we all thought he would be hurt pretty badly when he hit the water.....he wasn't moving at all.....then you could tell he was in a lot of pain. So as you can see the bar mark and ripped up skin across his foot. they decided not to do it again. Then of course we all jumped from the upper deck of the boat into the water....then Dayne and Chad and I think Ryan.....all jumped from the roof of the upper deck......crazies, but it provided great entertainment.

That, in a nutshell, was our trip, lots of fun. Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law who planned it all for us. It was great! I know I have more pictures from the trip, so I will probably randomly post some more later, but for now this will work.